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The Story of Scott McRae

I grew up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Lyndonville, to be exact, a very beautiful place to grow up! We were just one hour south of the Canadian border. I actually tell people that I'm an honorary Canadian!!

At a very young age I became interested in comic books, very interested! I would spend hours reading them, studying the different styles and trying to draw like the artists in the books. Some of my favorites were Jim Aparo, Neal Adams, John Buscema, Wally Wood, Don Martin, Fred Rhodes, and, well, I could go on and on , and then, we'd have to start a list of the comic strip artists!! I new that some day I wanted to be one of them.

When I finished high school I attended The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts, in Dover, NJ. The experience was amazing, it was the first time I had meet so many other people like myself. Up to this point I had only known two others like me, my childhood friends, Pat Brosseau, who is now a staff letterer for DC Comics, and Dan Parent, who is a penclier / writer for Archie Comics... I just it's quite something that we all made it!! I learned a lot at the Kubert School, and developed a strong work ethic. Always meet your deadlines, and never say no to work!!

After Kubert School, I worked several different jobs doing graphic arts, while trying to "break into" the comic book biz! After many tries, I finally got a break, when Archie Comics started to use me as an inker. I worked for Archie for about three years, then the worked kind of slowed down, they canceled several books and the work became harder to get.

Fortunately, around this same time I heard that DC Comics was going to start publishing a line of Tiny Toon Adventures comic books for an overseas market. They were looking for artists!! I sent them some samples of my Archie work, and they liked!! They send me some Tiny Toons art to ink as samples, and they LIKED!! They said that they would use me, and they did!! What a thrill!! I grew up loving Bugs Bunny and all of the Looney Tunes characters, and here I was helping to create Looney Tunes comic books!! I've been working for them ever since!! I've worked on just about every humor title they've published since the early nineties.

In the late nineties, I got a part time staff position at Felix the Cat Productions in the art department. After a little while at Felix I was given the job of comic book editor for the series of Felix Books.

I've also done freelance inking for Bongo Comics, another high point in my career as I am a huge Simpson fan! I've done many freelance projects for small press comics and for licensed products. I truly enjoy the work I do and look forward to many more years of doing this type of work!!

I am currently living in Matamoras, PA with my wife Katie, my daughter Marina, and our new dog Debbie. Our old dog Jenny passed away last year and we all miss her!!

Look below to see pictures of myself and family! Thanks for reading!!



Here are some pictures of me as a kid, that is DC Comics Letterer Pat Brosseau watching me blow out the candles on my birthday cake!! Oh yeah, and my sister Tracy! You know it had to be a good birthday, if I got two Mego figures!!


Here is a collection of pictures of myself and my family! Jenny is the black dog, and Debbie is the yellow one.



This website features images of artwork that I've worked on for the various companies that I've worked for, all images are the copyrights of the their specific owners!! The site itself is copyright Scott McRae.